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Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme


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What is SSSTS Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course by CITB?

Training Program for Site Supervisor Safety Build UK (formerly known as UKCG) has established this supervising safely qualification as a prerequisite for all supervisors who will be working on its sites.

In order to promote increased work skills and fewer accidents and injuries, construction skills and construction safety must be prioritized. Additionally, SSSTS training is perfect if you want to take on a supervisory job in the construction business and deepen your awareness of health and safety. It is a requirement set forth by Build UK.

Find a SSSTS Course Near Me

Second, Envico makes it simple to search for, compare, and book SSSTS classes in your area. You have a choice between taking the SSSTS course online or in a typical classroom setting. Nevertheless, the classes are scheduled in the majority of the UK’s major cities and towns.

Course Duratio

Thirdly, both the Classroom course and the SSSTS online course last for a total of two days. Both of these methods of education provide students with the identical health and safety knowledge that is necessary to keep a location risk-free. The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) certificate is not to be confused with the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), also known as the site manager scheme, which is an advanced qualification that lasts for five days.

SSSTS Course Content

The significance of conducting risk assessments in many construction-related industries is emphasized throughout the SSSTS training curriculum. In addition to this, it focuses on how control mechanisms may be implemented on site and how communication can be used to ensure that a site will continue to be safe for everyone.

The topics covered include:

  • Act, Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, and Guidance Notes Relating to Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • The H&S Legal System
  • Causes, types and the numbers of construction accidents
  • Risk Assessments in every conceivable aspect of construction, including but not limited to working at height, demolition, occupational health, fire, electrical, tight spaces, and the management of contractors

The SSSTS course will teach you the skills necessary to identify issue areas that are present in the construction sectors. The difference between proactive and reactive monitoring will become clearer to you as a result of this. You’ll learn how to conduct risk assessments and understand the significance of method statements thanks to this training. Last but not least, you will acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform on-site inductions, method statement briefs, and toolbox lectures.

Is there a Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Test at the end of the Course?

The SSSTS training is continuously evaluated using both individual and group activities over the entirety of the course. The SSSTS exam at the end will demonstrate whether or not the information gained over the course of the two days was retained. The CITB examination paper for the SSSTS comes in the form of a multiple choice test, and it has a total of 25 questions. There will be four questions that are considered to be safety-related and will demand a brief written response from the student.

Safety Critical Questions & Multiple Choice

The multiple-choice questions are worth one point apiece, while the safety-critical questions range anywhere from one to three points each.

It is important that you provide accurate responses to all of the questions pertaining to safety in order for you to successfully complete the training. You’ll need a score of 80 percent or above to pass the test (24 out of 30).

CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Certification

If you participate in the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme and complete it with flying colors, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) will award you with a certificate that verifies your capacity to assist with supervision in construction environments and demonstrates that you have an understanding of issues related to workplace safety.

Renew Your Certificate Every 5 Years

After five years, the site supervisor credential will no longer be valid. You will be needed to attend an SSSTS Refresher course if you wish to renew your current CITB SSSTS certificate. If your present certificate has expired, however, you will not be permitted to attend the refresher course; instead, you will be required to attend the full 2-day course once more.

CITB Site Safety Plus Publication / Workbooks

Access to Construction Skills publications is included in each and every CITB SSSTS course that can be found on our website.

  • hard copy workbooks
  • CD
  • access to a materials online
After receiving the whole payment, the joining instructions will be sent out, at which point confirmation will be provided.