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CISRS Scaffolder System card



Welcome To CISRS Scaffolder System

CISRS Scaffolder System, In the first place, it is the chosen scaffolding qualification of all the major organisations, including CSCS, NASC, Build UK, and UNITE, as well as the largest scaffold systems manufacturers.

The scheme, which began in the 1960s, currently has more than 65,000 CISRS card members in the United Kingdom and more than 9,000 OSTS card holders abroad.

NOCN Job Cards

Second, as a result of the CITB’s decision to step away from this function as part of the Vision 2020 programme, it is now the responsibility of NOCN Job Cards to offer scheme administration and card production services to the CISRS.

In addition, those who apply for CISRS membership will now be given a plastic card in addition to a smart card, which they can access using any smartphone or other device. Moreover Cardholders have the ability to view all of their details, including their photo, qualifications, and courses taken, just by tapping their card on their phone.

CISRS Online Card Checker

Applications that have been Thirdly Processed by CISRS can be located on the online card checker, which can be accessed at the following website: You are required to input two pieces of information in order to conduct a valid search. One of the pieces of information you enter must be an individual ID/registration number or a national insurance number.

For instance, last name and card number, last name and national identification number, date of birth and card number, or date of birth and national identification number.

What is a CISRS Scaffolder System ?

To conclude The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme is where the CISRS Card got its name, hence the card is also known as the CISRS Card. The Construction Industry Scaffolding Recognition Scheme (CISRS) is the industry training scheme for scaffolding in the United Kingdom. CISRS offers a variety of skills cards to those working in various scaffolding-related roles.


Scaffolding is something that almost all construction businesses use on a routine basis, whether they are constructing a new building or doing renovations on an existing one. Workers on a building site have access to a support system in the form of scaffolding that they can employ as they move through each stage of the project. There is also scaffolding available for painters and window washers, which typically shows the workers dangling off the edge of the structure when a rope breaks.

Get your CISRS Scaffolder System done right

People who are able to readily manage heights are those who employ scaffolding on a regular basis. The support system is not as stable as we landlubbers would like it to be so that we do not experience vertigo as frequently. The capacity to create these structures in a way that allows them to endure the weight of employees in addition to heavy loads of equipment is necessary for scaffolding. This indicates that you are a construction guru and that you can sell yourself to people who are looking for scaffolding.