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Labourer/Plumber’s Mate(Green Card)


Get Labourer/Plumber’s Mate(Green Card)

The plumbing sector calls on the expertise of a wide variety of diverse professionals, including plumbers, labourers, and plumbers’ mates, among others. The Joint Sector Board (JIB) is the body that is responsible for issuing the Green Card, which is a certification that confirms the knowledge and skills of labourers and plumber’s mates who are employed in the plumbing industry. In this piece, we will go over the basics of the Green Card, including what it is, how to get one, and the advantages of having one.

What is the Green Card?

The Journeyman and Apprenticeship Board (JIB) offers a certification known as the Green Card to journeymen and plumber’s mates who have either successfully completed an approved apprenticeship programme or have significant relevant work experience in the industry. The card is a standard for quality and competence in the plumbing sector, and having it proves that the bearer have the essential knowledge and skills to perform their job in a manner that is both safe and competent.

Eligibility to Get Labourer/Plumber’s Mate(Green Card)

In order to be considered for a Green Card, individuals must either have successfully completed an apprenticeship programme that is acknowledged or have substantial relevant experience working in the plumbing sector. They are also required to pass an exam that covers a variety of subjects, such as health and safety, plumbing principles, as well as the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of plumbing systems.


The holder of a Green Card is able to demonstrate to employers and customers that they possess the essential knowledge and abilities to work in the plumbing sector in a safe and professional manner if they have this document. In addition to this, it offers some degree of assurance that the work will be carried out to a high grade and in accordance with the regulations that are imposed by the industry.

The possession of a Green Card can set a person apart from others in their field and make them more appealing to potential employers. This is because the Green Card is required for numerous occupations, such as that of a labourer or plumber’s mate.


The Green Card has a validity period of five years, beginning on the date it was issued. After five years, the cardholder is required to either pass a test or provide evidence that they have maintained their continuous professional development in order to renew their card.

Continuous Professional Development:

Cardholders are required to participate in activities that demonstrate continual professional growth in order to keep their Green Cards. Attending relevant training courses, taking part in relevant industry events, or working on relevant projects are all examples of ways to fulfil this requirement. They will maintain their knowledge and skills at the highest level by doing so, as well as remain current with the most recent set of industry standards and laws.


Green Card holders have the option of either passing an examination or providing evidence of continued professional growth in order to have their Green Cards renewed. The procedure of renewing a card guarantees that the bearer of the card continues to possess the level of knowledge and expertise required by the relevant industry.


Laborers and plumber’s mates who find employment in the plumbing business might benefit greatly from earning their Green Cards as a qualification. This certifies their knowledge and skills, as well as proves to potential employers and customers that they are qualified to operate in the business and have the necessary capabilities to do so. The card is good for a period of 5 years, and its renewal is contingent on the bearer successfully completing an examination or demonstrating ongoing professional development. By keeping their cards current, labourers and plumber’s mates may ensure that they are current with the most recent industry norms and laws, so preserving their ability to compete for jobs in the business.