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Blue Card – Competent Operator


Buy Blue Card- Competent operator without Exam


What is a Blue Competent Operator Card?

Your possession of a CPCS blue card (Blue Competent Operator Card) attests to your level of fitness. First, a candidate must demonstrate awareness of health, safety, and the environment by passing the CITB health, safety, and environment test. Next, a candidate must demonstrate operating abilities and fundamental knowledge by passing the CPCS practical test.

Get a CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card

Secondly, To get this card you need to:

  • Give the CPCS Test Center evidence that you have completed the VQ for the category for which you are applying.
  • Passing the pertinent CITB test for health, safety, and the environment
  • Pass the CPCS theory exam (within two years of the CITB health, safety and environment test)
  • Pass the practical test for the CPCS (within six months of the CPCS theory test and within two years of the CITB health, safety and environment test)

Thirdly, the CPCS test centre will make the request for the competent operator card on your behalf when you pass the CPCS practical test. The logbook’s purpose is to document ongoing education and provide supporting documentation for the renewal of a competent operator card.

CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card Renewal

Additionally, starting on January 1, 2020, CPCS must phase down blue Competent Operator cards obtained through Industry Accreditation. Any cards given through transitional channels must be completely eliminated by December 31, 2024.

Getting your CPCS Competent Operator card, for instance, after switching from the CTA System or another card scheme.

Renewing your card before the expiry date.

To renew you need to:

  • Own a current category or categories of a Blue Competent Operator Card that is renewable.
  • Within the recent two years, pass the appropriate CITB health, safety, and environmental test (must be valid on receipt of the application)
  • Obtain a passing score on the CPCS Renewal test for the categories you are renewing (must be valid on receipt of application)
  • Using a variety of methods, demonstrate ongoing practical operating experience:
    • Logbook
    • On-Site Assessment with a registered test centre
    • CPCS Practical test with a registered test centre
    • VQ*

*If taken in the past 2 years.

However, you must complete Form F1/3, Application to Renew CPCS Competent Operator Card, and mail it to the address on the back of the form. The Scheme Booklet for Operators contains comprehensive instructions on how to renew.

Please be aware that you have up to five years to renew your card once it has expired.

Should you not need or be able to fulfil a category’s renewal requirements. Additionally, you have the choice to bank a category until you can fulfil the requirements for renewal.

if a Blue Competent Operator Card’s expiration date has passed after more than five years. If a cardholder wants to renew their card, they must:

Pass CITB Health, safety & environment test